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This is literally how it is for a non english speaker to perfect a word pronunciation!

a vine by meshal al jaser

Jesus this is gold


aka ‘everyone has a body and lives happily’ and something i suddenly had urge to write right after waking up. it’s 120% self-indulgent and you can definitely tell i got lazy at some parts lol

aoba and sei: twin brothers that no one believes are twins. aoba works at the…

x i love x dmmd x au


  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $200,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 


when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors




this guy was watching the vmas with me and now he’s educating himself how precious is that

he keeps asking me all these questions about aspects of feminism and he’s like “so basically it’s about letting women do what they want without being judged for it” and I was like yea and he was like “oh okay that’s so simple why isn’t everyone a feminist” it’s precious

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